The wonderful world of having an eye on everything

Hello there, I am Christof from Firmlinx and…

I See you! Well with the help of technology I can see many MANY things. How is this possible you might wonder? Well let me share with you the wonders of Close Circuit Television.

Close Circuit Television or CCTV for short is the use of video cameras transmitting only to a limited set of monitors. it differs from our regular Netflix viewing because the signal is not openly transmitted hence its name Close Circuit! Catchy hey.

Speaking of catching – that’s exactly why we want CCTV! But not just catching the bad guy in the wrong place at the right time, sometimes we want to catch the right guy at the right place at the right time. With the technology of CCTV, we can capture key moments like how many customers enter your shop or seeing the fast pace experiment I have been watching for years succeed, even catching that sneaky cookie monster taking a cookie. Yes, all of this and more is possible with the help of CCTV.

Now I know what you thinking – how does this technology work and how can it benefit me and my needs? So, let’s get technical and dive into the details to answer the first part of the question…

CCTV cameras take pictures we call frames every second and then send these images over analogue, network or wireless connections to our Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or in case of a network system a Network Video Recorder (NVR). These powerful devices are used to “translate” the pictures to the monitor so fast that we get moving pictures and Voilà! a video of our
moments captured. But these devices don’t just show our videos as they are happening no, we get to catch the cookie monsters by using the DVR or NVR which can store these videos on a hard drive to view after it happened.

More specialized cameras mean there are unique systems to achieve a lot more. here are some examples: Face and licence plate recognition, thermal view and body temperature reading, X-ray screening, AI deep learning to recognition of humans, animals, vehicles crossing certain lines and much more unique systems are out there.

At Firmlinx we pride ourselves on helping you answer the second part of the question…

Our vast knowledge on technology and how to harness its potential we can create unique tailored solutions such as proactive maintenance remote monitoring which we actively check to ensure your CCTV is running at its optimal levels or a combination of CCTV and access control systems to never allow that cookie monster in.

With our help you can truly have an eye on everything.
Christof Engelbrecht

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