Benefits of a Rental Solution

Benefits Rental Lease Cash
No deposit required
No Capital Outlay Upfront
No VAT Payable Upfront
No Interest Charged in Addition to VAT
No Capex Approval Rquired
Fully Tax Deductable
Cheaper Replacement Cost
Upgrade of Equipment included
Improved Cash Flow

Additional Benefits

  • Rental plays an increasingly important role in the acquisition of office equipment, allowing businesses to keep up with the latest technology and address future needs while reducing maintenance and upgrade costs
  • Rental is an off-balance sheet item
  • Existing credit lines are unaffected
  • Software, installation and control cards can be included into a rental
  • No initial cash outlay
  • No depreciation
  • Tax benfits
  • Improve balance sheet gearing
  • Free up working capital to reinvest into the growth of their business
  • Rental payments are flexible
  • Asset tracking and asset management
  • Administration time is slashed
  • Reduced risk
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