ICT Support

Trust Firmlinx for fast and reliable ICT Support. Our friendly engineers are highly qualified and eager to assist with any ICT support request you may have. We believe in finding and resolving the root cause of faults.

We specialize in custom designed service level agreements to meet your exact needs in terms of:

– Urgency / Response times.

  • Priority levels on each request based on user or service priority.
  • Budget

Our Remote Engineers and Smart Monitoring Software monitors your complete ICT Infrastructure pro-actively 24 / 7 / 365.

National Helpdesk Number: 087 234 9200

Voice Solutions

Firmlinx delivers market-leading voice services to its customers. We are flexible in that you do not have to replace your current telephone system as a whole to make use of our crystal clear voice platform. We also enable our customers to keep their old telephone numbers when moving their voice services to Firmlinx.

  • We deliver the following voice services :
  • Supply and maintenance of Panasonic Telephone Systems.
  • Supply and maintenance of 3CX Telephone Systems.
  • Voice Recording (on-premises and hosted).
  • Free inter-branch calls.
  • Itemized billing.
  • Teleconferencing.

Cloud & Hosting

Cloud computing is an information technology that enables ubiquitous access to shared pools of configurable system resources and higher-level services that can be rapidly provisioned with minimal management effort, often over the internet. Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale.

Firmlinx offers the deployment and maintenance of Microsoft Office 365 as well as automated offsite data backups.

Structured Cabling

Future-proof your business with a Firmlinx Structured Cabling Solution! Firmlinx will design and install a cabling system that will support multiple hardware uses and be suitable for today`s needs and those of the future. With a correctly installed system, current and future requirements can be met, and hardware that is added in the future will be supported.

We specialize in :

Optical Fibre Cabling
Optical Fibre Splicing
Ethernet Cabling
Server Cabinets
Network Supply and Maintenance


Printing Solutions

Printing solutions

Our multifunctional A4, A3 and production devices are able to fully integrate with the rest of your document management solution for cost-effective, secure and controlled printing.
Your employees can copy, print and scan in black and white or colour depending on the permissions set on your Itec devices. Sensitive prints can be released at the printer, documents can be access controlled and secure, employees can print or capture information from their mobile devices, all with detailed usage reports to manage costs and unnecessary printing.
  • Mobile, secure, access- and cost-controlled printing
  • Fully integrated with Itec’s workflow solutions
  • Automated job handling
  • Detailed usage reporting

Internet Connectivity

Connectivity is the state of being connected or interconnected. Connectivity forms the basis on which internet, telecommunications, and hosted applications are built and in essential determines the experience you will have with the internet, email, telephone systems, and any hosted applications.

Contention Ratio is the ratio of the potential maximum demand to the actual bandwidth. The higher the contention ratio, the greater the number of users that may be trying to use the actual bandwidth at any one time, therefore, the lower the effective bandwidth offered, especially at peak times.

Firmlinx makes use of various connectivity mediums. Based on your exact location and service availability Firmlinx will implement the most effective connectivity solution for your business. Our connectivity mediums include but are not limited to:

  • Fibre
  • Microwave
  • LTE-A
  • LTE
  • VDSL
  • ADSL
  • 3G

Trust Firmlinx to analyze your exact connectivity needs for your business and implement a fit for purpose solution.


We are living in a ever changing and ever evolving world. The protection and integrity of your company data is of utmost importance. Contact Firmlinx today for a ICT Security audit of your company`s data and network.

Some of the exciting cybersecurity solutions we offer are : 

  • Managed Firewall & Content Management of your Company Internet Connection.
  • Firewall & Content Management of your Home Internet Connection.
  • Managed Backup Solutions.
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware Solutions.


Contact Firmlinx for a free assessment of your surveillance needs. Firmlinx supply and maintain market-leading brands. We deliver customized surveillance solutions to ensure you are always able to keep an eye on your assets.

Some of our CCTV services :

  • Supply and Maintenance of turnkey CCTV solutions
  • Onsite Control Room (Build and Maintain)
  • Offsite Control Room (Build and Maintain)
  • Remote Monitoring & Reporting
  • Self-learning Video Analytics
  • Onsite or offsite incident reporting and monitoring based on the following incidents:
     – Procedural
     – Safety
     – Theft
     – Security
     – Trespassing

Hardware & Software

Firmlinx supply only reputable and trusted brands.

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